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What is Healthify?

Healthify is a leading software provider to health plans, hospitals, and provider networks working in low-income communities. Our platform is used by care teams to make quick and accurate referrals for patients who need additional help from social services.


Managing the social determinants has been identified by the U.S. Government’s Healthy People 2020 initiative as being integral to improving health for all. Leaving social and behavioral health needs untreated has resulted in an additional $85 billion a year in Medicaid spending due to high readmission rates and abuse of emergency care systems.

Before we started Healthify, we had seen hundreds of patients in Baltimore whose health was adversely affected by social circumstances or behavioral health conditions. We simply didn't have the tools to effectively address their needs or coordinate their care with other providers and social services agencies. Healthify was created with the idea of using the best that software had to offer in order to solve some of the worst issues faced by the American healthcare system.

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Cameron Williams

Head of Customer Success

A firm believer that Customer Success is more than simply reacting to issues as they arise, Cameron brings strategy and process to the table to get the upper hand. His past work has led to award-winning service teams, and the goal of achieving similar honors for Healthify is at the top of his list.

Ariadne Brazo

Senior Resource Network Manager (Operations)

Ariadne is a social scientist with a background in LGBTQ social work and advocacy. She has a passion for solving macro social problems and integrating technology into social work. Ariadne works to keep Healthify's database of resources rich and diverse. She has an MSW degree from NYU. 

Brady Burkett

Sales Development Representative

As a Political Science student at Bucknell University, Brady followed policy changes and their impact on the healthcare system, drawing him to the intersection of technology and healthcare. He found his passion working for digital health companies for their ability to both improve health outcomes for patients and to help increase efficiency in the healthcare system.

Colin Hepburn

Sales Development Representative

With a multidisciplinary background from Vassar College and extensive customer service experience, Colin has honed in on his passion for helping people through focusing on the intersections of scientific research, technological innovation and public health. Colin seeks to apply this knowledge to bolster Healthify’s user network and maintain current client satisfaction.

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