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At the core of Healthify's platform is our Search feature.  Rather than just a simple search tool, it is a robust network of healthcare providers and community-based organizations. These are services that case managers and community health workers rely on to help care for people with complex needs. When the Search is used with Referral Tracking and Assessments care teams have a powerful suite of tools at their disposal for practicing value-based care in the community and helping to control costs and improve outcomes.

You can Search for new resources and Filter through our services and eligibility taxonomy to find the right resource. If a resource looks like it might fit a patient's need, you can go to the View Detailed Resource Pages where you'll find all relevant information on that service. Services that you like or have come to rely on for referrals can be added as Favorite Resources or be sent to a teammate as Shared Resources. Although Healthify keeps the database up-to-date, you can always Edit Resources if more recent information becomes available. 




The Search feature is the basic functionality that is at the heart of every service Healthify provides its clients. Users search the Community Resource Network to find new services, filter through the resource and eligibility taxonomies, and ultimately refer patients to the best government programs and community services for managing their social and behavioral health needs.

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