SDoH in the Time of COVID-19

Social Determinants of Health and the Impact of  COVID-19

Since 2014 we’ve had the great honor and privilege of connecting families to social services across the country and building the foundation that allows social services to be integrated into the healthcare system. COVID-19 is now shining a light on the infrastructure challenges that payers, providers and community-based organizations face in communities across the country.

We are committed to supporting community health during and after the COVID-19 pandemic to help families in need and the organizations who serve them. Below are some of the initial priority areas we’ve focused on as a company. We’ll be updating this page frequently to share additional creative solutions as we work hand-in-hand with frontline staff on the ground in the communities we serve.

Healthify Priorities:

  • COVID-19 Resources: In the first few weeks of the pandemic there was a need for organizations to have an easily accessible list of transparent information on COVID-19 in their local geography. To support this need, Healthify compiled resources for COVID-19 across CDC, state health departments, and city health departments and is continuing to add to the list. This list is shared publicly on our website and has been shared across our user base.
  • Data Validation and CBO Support: Due to the crisis, many community organizations are dealing with capacity constraints, supply chain concerns, and changing service models. Here at Healthify we are investing heavily in additional validation of social service information and are prioritizing this work based on areas hardest hit by COVID-19. In addition, we are working closely with our community partners on the ground to hear about their emergent needs to see where additional operational support could help them during this time. More to come.
  • Recovery Prioritization: Another area of focus is how data can help organizations determine where to prioritize recovery efforts based on not only the illness but the second order effects from quarantine efforts. Healthify is currently working on key data insights (ex. change to community needs) to share to help with recovery efforts.