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Comprehensive Primary Care Plus

Healthify Supports Comprehensiveness and Coordination in CPC+ Track 2

Applying for Track 2? 

The Healthify Community Resource and Psychosocial Assessment Platform will allow your practice to implement software-based assessments to determine patients' psychosocial needs and provide them with an inventory of community resources. Healthify is a great solution that allows practices to improve and focus on: 

  • Case Management
  • Patient Needs
  • Community Referrals
  • Social Determinants Management

What is CPC+? Read on...

Screen_Shot_2016-07-31_at_8.52.00_PM.pngComprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) is a national advanced primary care medical home model that aims to strengthen primary care through a regionally-based multi-payer payment reform and care delivery transformation. CPC+ includes two primary care practice tracks with incrementally advanced care delivery requirements and payment options to meet the diverse needs of primary care practices in the United States.

The care delivery redesign ensures practices in each track have the infrastructure to deliver better care to result in a healthier patient population. The multi-payer payment redesign will give practices greater financial resources and flexibility to make appropriate investments to improve the quality and efficiency of care, and reduce unnecessary health care utilization. CPC+ will provide practices with a robust learning system, as well as actionable patient-level cost and utilization data feedback, to guide their decision making.

Healthify's software supports Function 3: Comprehensiveness and Coordination of Track 2. Function 3 pushes providers to identifying the hospitals and emergency departments responsible for the majority of the practice's patients' hospitalizations. Practices are required to identify specialists, determine patients' psychosocial needs, and maintain community resources in order to earn Track 3 requirements.

Healthify's leading web-based platform allows practices pursing Track 2 to implement assessments to determine patients' psychosocial needs and provide them with an inventory of community resources. Healthify's technology will allow your practice to easily meet Track 2-related requirements and unlock higer system-transformation payments at a low cost. 

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