Healthify: 2017 Year in Review


Healthify Year in Review 2017

We wish everyone a happy and healthy new year here at Healthify. 2017 was an unforgettable year.

We built key foundational elements to scale our impact and continued to make great progress towards our mission to build a world where no one's health is hindered by their need. It was incredibly powerful to see our curious and caring team come together to not only make us a force for good in the world but get deeply involved with the communities we serve.

Below are a few of the things we were most excited about in 2017:

Our Partners‍

All that we do is to support our partners and people in need. This past year we were able to work with healthcare organizations, health plans, and local governments in over 30 states to move the needle on the social determinants of health. It's incredible to see the marketplace transform to be fully aligned with the fact that there is more to health than healthcare. Seeing the advancement of models like the Accountable Health Communities model is a great signal for the future. Thank you to all of our partners who are joining us on this journey to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered. Your patience, feedback, empathy, and transparency has been integral to our success and we are incredibly excited to continue to improve community health alongside you in 2018.

Our Team‍

Saying we grew a lot this year might be an understatement! We more than doubled in size in 2017 and we are still hiring. We've been lucky to build a passionate, diverse, and low-ego team that is dedicated to consistent improvement. You can learn more about how we refined our recruitment process in 2017 here.

Our Investors

We closed our $6.5M Series A round led by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners back in July. We're thrilled to work with them and our existing investors Kapor Capital, Acumen America, Activate Venture Partners, Primary Venture Partners and our early angel investors to continue building a company of enduring value. We're taking this capital and dramatically growing our product lines to better support coordination of care between healthcare organizations and social service organizations.

Our Impact

When we started Healthify a few years ago one of our major goals was to support a community to fully coordinate care to address a social need. We wanted to put community health into the healthcare equation and provide the infrastructure, technology, and services to allow healthcare organizations to close the loop on a need with community-based organizations. In 2017 we delivered on this vision. You can learn about one of these partnerships here. We hope that these types of partnerships pave the way to prove that addressing the social determinants of health is the best way to achieve the triple aim and dramatically improve the health of our communities.

There were other areas of exponential growth. We increased the number of referrals we made for people in need to services like affordable food by 10x in 2017, our user base by 4x, the number of searches for social services by 2x, and grew our integration suite for EHRs. Our user base now supports over 5 million patient lives! We also focused on giving back by using our new analytics platform to produce reports like our food insecurity report that sets the framework for us to report on outcomes.

Our Partnerships

We are also working on some exciting partnerships. We believe that it will take many mission-aligned organizations to innovate in this space which is why we were excited to announce one of these partnerships last month (Purple Binder). Having the Purple Binder team merge into Healthify is a big step for us and a great signal to the growing social determinants of health space. We are looking forward to supporting their partners in 2018!

Our Support

2017 was unforgettable for other reasons as well. As a team, we recognized that on a national stage there were natural disasters and multiple attempts to damage social progress that affect the people and communities we have dedicated much of our working lives to. From immigration bans, multiple attempts to repeal the ACA, and reduced funding for social programs we took a stand in 2017 and will continue to do so in 2018.

Healthify Hurricane Harvey

The Future and 2018

What’s the future look like for Healthify?

2018 is set to be our most exciting year yet. We plan to grow our world-class team and get more deeply involved with our partner's strategy in the social determinant space. 

‍Below are a few of things you will see us doing:

  • Building strong interoperability models for shared social determinants of health histories
  • Evolving workflows to put the patient at the center of addressing their unmet social needs
  • Sharing best practices and standards on how to best navigate social service referrals
  • Predictive analytics to surface high-risk patients
  • Continuing to build unique partnerships in the SDoH space
  • Advocating for Community Based Partners and helping them with clearer incentive models
  • Supporting new care delivery models like AHC
  • Investing in outcomes research for the SDoH space

Thank you again for reading and for all your support. Let's build a world where no one's health is hindered by their need together.


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