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3 Philosophical Pillars Used to Guide Recruitment at Healthify

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In this, our first blog about People Operations at Healthify, I thought it was important to get at the meat of how we run our People Operations & Recruitment departments. By that, I don’t mean getting into what tools we use or questions we ask, but rather the more philosophical information as to why we do things the way we do. Answering the “why” gives insight into who we are as a company, what we value, and why Healthify might be a place where you might want to work!

There are three main philosophical pillars upon which our recruitment organization sits.

1.The Mission Matters

We’ve all worked at companies that make a thing, that other companies use to make another thing, that another company uses to make a third thing, etc. and on and on. Sometimes, in that situation, it can be hard to remember why we’re getting up and going to work every day; it begs that existential question, “What’s the point of it all?”

At Healthify - we have a mission. All Healthifytes were, at least in part, driven to work here because of our mission to build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need.

Having that shared purposed creates a strong understanding of why we’re all together, and what we’re all working toward. That underlying trust of each other’s motives is a hugely important part of our company culture, and we make sure when we read resumes and cover letters, and during interviews, to look for that passion for the mission.

2. Why Fit In When You Can “Add”

Many companies, particularly startups, schedule their interviews in sessions; usually in the process, one of those sessions focuses on “culture fit.” Culture fit has been widely criticized as an interview style that reinforces status quo and leads to interviewers searching for candidates who look, speak, just like they and their teams.

At Healthify, we recognize the major disservice we’re doing ourselves and the populations we’re trying to help by allowing unconscious bias to turn our recruiting decisions away from diverse backgrounds and points of views. So we’ve reframed our “culture fit” interview into an interview designed to highlight candidates who are a “culture add.” The culture add interview is meant to give candidates a chance to show - were they to be hired - not how they’d fit it, but instead, how they’d stand out. We’re looking for different experiences, points of views, backgrounds, educations, etc. etc. etc. Since implementing the culture add interview at Healthify 6 months ago, we’ve more than tripled our number of women employees, and have doubled our employees of color.

3. It Doesn’t Stop When You Sign Your Offer

Finally, the 3rd pillar of our recruitment process is the belief that our job as recruiters isn’t over once your offer is signed. It’s more than just getting new employees in the door; it’s also our responsibility to set our new employees up to succeed with on-boarding, management, and clear expectations of what “success” looks like. To that end, we make sure that every new hire has a clear 30/60/90” ramp up plan, and that they get weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with their manager over the first three months of employment. They also get documentation on how we communicate & give feedback, including guidelines around using Slack and video chat, and they get product and Healthcare 101 training from senior managers during their first week. In my role as People Ops, I also meet with every new employee at 30, 60, 90 days and again at six months to make sure we tackle any outstanding obstacles or questions left over from on-boarding.

Here at Healthify, people matter. If working at a company that puts humans first, is mission-driven, challenging and inclusive sounds like a great way to start your new year, then you should check us out! You can see all our open positions for which we’re hiring here, and you can follow us on Twitter for updates.


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