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An ROI Framework for the Social Determinants of Health

Healthify Distributes Funds to Support COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

Recap: From Ideation to Intelligent Investments in SDoH Interventions

Addressing Health Disparities Through Community-Based Approaches

Innovation in the Midst of Crisis

The ROI Associated With Addressing SDoH

Recap: Re-Imagining SDoH Innovation in the Wake of COVID-19

Data Series: The Nationwide Impact of COVID-19 on SDoH

Three Healthcare Trends Expected to Impact SDoH

Leveraging Supplemental Benefits to Address SDoH

The Impact of COVID-19 on SDoH

Introducing Healthify's New CEO, Ben Slocum

Organizational Preparedness for SDoH Networks

Healthify Named One of the Best Places to Work by Built in NYC

The Impact of SDoH on Health Plans

Mobilizing Communities to Address the Social Determinants of Health

Healthify Raises $16 Million to Integrate Health and Social Services

Healthify Partners With Landmark Health to Address SDoH

Collecting SDoH Data to Address Health Inequities

Addressing SDoH to Reduce Smoking Rates and Improve Health Equity

Healthify's Latest White Paper Is Here!

Confronting SDoH to Manage or Prevent Hypertension

Leveraging SDoH Technology to  Address Social Needs

On World Asthma Day: Addressing SDoH Needs Care Coordination

Funding for SDoH Initiatives Incentivizes Multi-stakeholder Collaboration

CMS Updates Medicare Advantage Payment Policies, What It Means for SDoH

Reducing Health Disparities In Minority Communities Through Community Partnerships

How ICD-10 Codes Can Improve the Identification of SDoH and the Delivery of Care

Healthify's Latest White Paper Is Here! The Impact of SDoH on Health Plans: Legacy Challenges and Innovative Solutions

What 60% of Patients & Providers Aren’t Talking About

The Critical Role of SDoH Data in Value-Based Contracts

The Value of SDoH Analytics

Healthify's Latest White Paper Is Here! Overcoming Obstacles: Challenges & Solutions for Providers Addressing SDoH

New Healthify White Paper Available: Financing Stable Partnerships Between HCOs & CBOs

Closing the Health Equity Gap

Introducing Healthify’s New Core Values!

Healthify’s Platform Achieves HITRUST CSF Certification

Understanding the Challenges of Coordinating Care Around Social Needs

Applying Learnings from Social Workers in SDoH Technology Solutions

The Effects of Housing Insecurity on Health Outcomes and Costs

Using Social Determinants of Health Data to Decrease Healthcare Expenditures

The Implications of Fragmentation in Care

The Effects of Food Insecurity on Health Outcomes and Costs

Positioning Social Service Providers as Leaders in the Future of Health

Learning in Review: How We Teach Each Other to Code

Social Determinants of Health Over the Last 20 Years

The Social Needs Funnel: Measuring the Impact of Community & Social Service Interventions on Population Health Outcomes

Healthify: 2017 Year in Review

3 Philosophical Pillars Used to Guide Recruitment at Healthify

SUNY Downstate Medical Center Using Healthify to Empower Future Community Health Workers

3 Strategies for Taking a Community-Centered Approach to Care Coordination

Purple Binder Joins Healthify Team to Support Evolution of Social Determinants Space

Food Insecurity: How Major Cities Are Managing $77.5 Billion

How Healthify Uses Open Referral Standards to Strengthen Care Coordination

Funding a Food Allergy

Social Determinants of Health and Physician Education

Webinar Announcement: Analytic Strategies to Keep up with Modern Healthcare

Keeping the Lights On: Combatting Energy Insecurity with Social Programs

The Looming Threats to a Widening Healthcare Disparity

Overcoming Summer Food Insecurity

Turning the Healthcare Spend Right-side Up

Public Health and the Ethics of Self-Driving Cars: Developing a Framework

A High School Diploma to Master Health

Healthify Raises $6.5 Million to Transform How Health Care Addresses Social Needs

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

The Declining Health of Rural America

The Link Between Walkability and Happiness: New Evidence

Shifting Focus: New Strategies to Fight Food Deserts

Fostering a Community Connection for Homeless Children

Employment: A Key to Better Health

Empowering Women to Improve Health

Is Healthcare Leaving Latino Men Behind?

A Salute to Nurses: Our Caretakers, Educators, and Advocates

Testing the Effectiveness of Healthy School Lunchroom Interventions

Cooking Up Better Health

Raising Awareness and Bridging the Gap in Minority Health

Using Dual Eligible Plans to Improve Care for our Most Costly Patients

A Breath of Fresh Air for Smoking Cessation Efforts­­­­

Evaluating Public Health Interventions

Breathing new life into Asthma treatment

500 Cities Project: Only Two Miles Away, Yet Miles Apart

All by Myself: The Health Effects of Loneliness

Bringing Coordinated Care to Rural Communities

A Smart(phone) Solution: Connected Care for Homeless

The Price of Fitness: Combating Obesity in Low-Income Populations

Does Money Matter? It Does for Your Health.

Providing End-of-Life Palliative Care for the Homeless

The Role of Community-Based Organizations in Supporting Value-Based Care

Convenient Healthcare: Meet People Where They Are

Under-Addressed and Overlooked: The Mental Health Issue

A Holiday Gift: Less Stress

Is Social Media Contributing to the Rise of Teen Suicides?

Preserving Culture in Population Health Strategies

Overcoming Barriers to Healthcare for the Transgender Community

Alleviating the Adverse Effects of Childhood Trauma

Collaborative Healthcare Series: The Advent of Medicaid Managed Care

Four Steps to Warming up for Winter’s Challenges to Continued Care

The Trump FMSA: Implications for Food Safety

Leveraging Population Health to go Beyond Diabetes Awareness

Election 2016’s Public Health Winners

Today: Vote Your Way to Happiness

Presidential Policy Series: Environmental Health

Presidential Policy Series: Housing

Collaborative Healthcare Series: A Brief History of Managed Care

The Presidential Policy Series: Women's Reproductive Health

The Presidential Policy Series: HIV/AIDS

Want to Get Americans Active? Study Suggests Prioritizing Education Spending

The Presidential Policy Series: Mental Health

The Presidential Policy Series: Disability Rights

The Presidential Policy Series: Prescription Drugs

More Than a Tooth Ache: The Need for Comprehensive Dental Care

The Presidential Policy Series: Combatting Drug Abuse

Who Would Zika Affect the Most in the U.S.?

The Presidential Policy Series: Affordable Care Act

Healthify Insights

From Homeless to Haven

Integrating Social Determinants into Redesigned Care

The Minimum Wage and Maternal and Newborn Health

The Hidden Hunger Crisis in the LGBT Community

Healthier Eating for Low-Income Families: Innovative Models Succeed

A Growing Problem – The Global Epidemic of Diabetes

Summer's Impact on the Achievement Gap

Sustainable Implementation for Mission-Driven Organizations

Treating Housing as Part of a Patient's Health

Trouble Sleeping? Racing Thoughts? These May be Signs of Mental Illness

What's the Effect of Parental Domestic Violence on Children?

Curbing the Spread of HIV among Black Women in Washington, D.C.

A Closer Look at America's Infant Mortality Rate

The Health Toll of Single Motherhood

U.S. Ranks 19th Among Nations for Social Progress: Report

Obesity in Women is on the Rise, Leaving Researchers Stumped

U.S. Death Rate Rises For the First Time in a Decade

Meet Wyckoff's MICHC Team

Black Americans See Gains in Life Expectancy

Teen Childbirths See Record Decline But Disparities Persist: CDC

States Spending More on Social Services Relative to Medical Care Are Healthier

The Burden of Energy Costs on Low-income Families

Healthcare. Injustice.

Community Health Workers Becoming More Common at Hospitals

RWJF Social Determinants Learning Report

Healthify Presents at Health 2.0 Pittsburgh

Smoking Hurts Your Health And Your Job Prospects Too

Take 20 Minutes for Yourself

Healthify Raises $2.5 Million to Improve Community Health

The Economic Cost of Domestic Violence

Five Dimensions of Poverty

Accountable Health Communities: Track 3 Alignment

Accountable Health Communities: Track 2 Assistance

How Much Do Health Disparities Cost?

Customer Success vs. Customer Service

Highly Distressed Teens at Higher Risk of Unemployment as Adults

The Impact of Geography on the Impoverished

Accountable Health Communities: Track 1 Awareness

Promoting an Able-bodied NYC at LiveOn NY

Which County in New York is the Unhealthiest?

Implementing CMMI's Accountable Health Communities Model

Why I Joined Healthify and How You Can Too

The Impact of Workplace Stress on Minorities

The Overlap Between Primary Care and Social Work

ACE Trumps What?

Vaccines' Role in Population Health

Unhealthy Environments Cause a Quarter of Deaths Globally, But Who is Hit the Hardest?

Pediatricians Urged to Do Poverty Checkups

Treating the Health Issue of Hunger

Poverty's Weight on Health in Freddie Gray's Neighborhood

Why Some Americans With HIV Aren't Getting Treatment

Addressing Social Determinants: Video from the Medi CRC

The Disadvantaged Diets of the Poor

The Money-Saving Medicine of Violence Prevention

Overcoming Winter Weather’s Barriers to Healthcare

44 Million Reasons to Talk about Mental Health

Another Growing Inequality Between the Rich and the Poor: Life Spans

What We Built: Integrations, Status Page, Translations, and More

New Plans to Fight Homelessness

Rising Death Rate of Middle-Aged Whites, Part II

The Economics of Social Enterprise

The Shared Commitment to Improving Access to Healthcare

The Zika Virus

The Best Intro to Social Determinants

The Community Health Center 50 Years Later

Hierarchy of Needs

Build versus Buy

The Team That's Got Your Back

Health Inequality: Where You Live Matters

CMS Launches New Model to Test Social Determinants

New Year. New Features.

A Letter to Social Work in 2016

An Early Christmas Gift from the New York Times

The New Normal: Preventative Healthcare to Improve Population Health

Get on the (School) Bus to Better Healthcare

The Very Model of a Modern Major Resource Platform

Post Discharge Planning: Taking Patients from Referrals to Results

How Nurses Can Improve Health Equity

First in Innovation. Last in Outcomes.

Thanksgiving and Food Insecurity

Sharing Economy in the QTBLG Community

Announcing The Medi Community Resource Center

Grounding Healthcare's Frequent Fliers

Rising Death Rates for Middle-Aged Whites

Social Work and Tech