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An Early Christmas Gift from the New York Times

With Christmas and a New Year quickly approaching, we decided to take a short break from our two-a-week posts. These editorial blogs have been extremely successful, and we've seen a number of readers come back time and again for our content. We are extremely humbled. In lieu of our own post this week, however, I encourage you all to read this "Room for Debate" article from The New York Times on homelessness in high-cost cities like New York. 

When we wrote about healthcare and homelessness ("Is Housing the Key to Healthcare?") some months ago, it garnered a lot of likes, re-tweets, and shares on social media. The aforementioned Times' article further illustrates that point—hammering home the high cost homelessness hoists upon individuals and families who suffer on the streets. Both indifference and poor policy decisions make this problem worse and, as a whole, we suffer.

I know that the Healthify team and I will continue to reflect on this pressing issue during this Chirstmas season. We encourage our readers to reflect as well and to continue the debate on how to solve this crisis into 2016 and beyond. 

Edit: The New York Times' commentary on homelessness this year is the gift that keeps on giving in this fight. The Editorial Board at the Gray Lady released this editorial today further elaborating on the problem in New York City. The mayor's efforts are overdue. He might not get it all right, but it looks like it will spur some competition between the city and the state. With the focus on the issue, here is to hoping that action will be taken. 

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