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Announcing The Medi Community Resource Center

Healthify is pleased to announce the launch of The Medi Community Resource Center at the Medi Medical Neighborhood Forums. The Medi CRC is a nonprofit virtual support center that has partnered with Healthify to “Wire the Neighborhood” for community referrals and greater care coordination. The event will be held December 2, 2015 in Baltimore at the University of Maryland BioPark to celebrate the launch of the CRC in Maryland.

The MEDI Community Resource Center

The goal of the CRC is to connect the community to social services. The CRC uses Healthify to exchange social service information among its participating members. This process is not only efficient but it is also secure, equitable, and person-centered. By partnering with Healthify, The Medi Community Resource Center is designed to work for providers, community agencies, and public service and advocacy organizations. The CRC platform will be able to: 

  • address the critical psychosocial gaps that impact health and wellness outcomes;
  • adapt to a variety of community, wellness, and clinical settings in a scalable fashion; 
  • connect people in need to resources; and
  • allow healthcare and community service providers to see how social determinants affect the lives of the people who rely on their organizations for care. 

This one-day forum will feature regional population health experts addressing many of the pressing issues facing patients, health care providers and community leaders. The event focus will be on the social determinants of health and it’s impact on a person's ability to earn a good living, live and work in a safe and healthy environment, and effectively use available social service and health care resources.

Additionally, The Medi’s signature Trailblazers Award will also be presented to a health equity leader. This award will be given to recognize the life long service of Dr. Elijah Saunders, a founding advisory board member of The Medi. If you’re interested in attending, register for the event below. Space is limited!

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