Applying Learnings from Social Workers in SDoH Technology Solutions


Two New Enhancements to the Healthify Platform

As the U.S. healthcare industry continues maturing value-based care models, the social determinants of health (SDoH) is becoming a major focus for top healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations and community partners are beginning to develop frameworks and workflows that effectively address unmet social needs. According to a recent survey completed by Change Healthcare and the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG), more than 80% of health insurers are working to address the Social Determinants of Health in their member programs.

This degree of investment is a recent shift and healthcare organizations can learn from the long history of social work, particularly when deploying technology solutions that address SDoH.

Healthify’s SDoH platform is primarily used by social workers, case managers, and community health workers to identify social needs, find community resources, and coordinate care with community service providers – enabling healthcare organizations to measure the clinical and financial outcomes of social service interventions.

Based on input and lessons learned from these professionals, we recently launched two new enhancements to the Healthify platform.

Smart Search Bar

One point of feedback frequently shared by Healthify users is that social work settings are often quite hectic. The less time spent looking at a computer screen, the more time users can spend supporting a client. Environments vary dramatically – from clinical delivery sites and home visits to telephonic encounters – but this theme remains consistent.

With the latest enhancement to the Healthify platform, users can now take advantage of a “Smart Search Bar” to quickly discover all the available services in Healthify’s community resource directory, enabling them to better understand the various types of resources available to them. As soon as a user begins to enter a search term, relevant Service Offerings will be listed as suggestions to use in their search and users can now browse a robust taxonomy of more than 300 service offerings.

Because these tools are intended to supplement the experience, users are still able to enter custom keywords to quickly search through a database of over 200,000 resources for the most relevant community-based services.

Search (1).gif

Package Multiple Services

One of the most common requests Healthify receives from users is to provide the ability to print multiple resources at the same time. On the surface, this sounds like a straightforward, yet largely inconsequential request. But upon further review, this request was baked right into the definition of a social worker’s role.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) defines Social Work Case Management as “a method of providing services whereby a professional social worker assesses the needs of the client and the client’s family, when appropriate, and arranges, coordinates, monitors, evaluates, and advocates for a package of multiple services to meet the specific client’s complex needs.

Most individuals receiving SDoH navigation services will have multiple complex social needs, and it’s critical that a social worker’s workflow reflects that complexity. In fact, each social needs screening completed on the Healthify platform led to identifying an average of 3.28 social needs with recommended service offerings in the client’s area.

Now, Healthify users can quickly group several community resources using the Resource Basket. As soon as a user has collected all of the resources they need, they are able to print a PDF, add notes or attachments, and create multiple referrals all in one quick workflow. Simply click “add to basket” on each resource, select the appropriate client, then send electronic referrals to multiple community agencies to meet a variety of complex social needs.

During initial feedback on this new feature, one user shared, “amazing, good job! This moves the task along without the risk of losing my place.”

Track_Coordinate (1).gif

Technology built for social service providers first

Healthify is continuously learning from first-hand feedback provided by our users. We aim to build the most effective technology platform for identifying and addressing social needs through care coordination with community service providers.

If you’re a healthcare leader looking to deploy programs for addressing the Social Determinants of Health, speak with a Healthify representative to see a demonstration of these latest updates and learn more about how our user-first software and services can help improve clinical and financial outcomes in your member population.


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