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How Much Do Health Disparities Cost?

In light of April being National Minority Health Month, it's a good time to review just how much health disparities among different populations is costing people in medical expenses.
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Customer Success vs. Customer Service

On the surface, customer success sounds like an Office Space-esque platitude destined for a Dilbert cartoon, but at Healthify we know that our success is tied to the success of our customers. Every stand-up and iteration and product roadmap meeting is grounded in understanding who it is we're trying to help.

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Highly Distressed Teens at Higher Risk of Unemployment as Adults

A new study is showing that highly distressed adolescents in 2000 were 32 percent more likely than peers with low distress to be unemployed over the following decade, after taking into account variables such as intelligence, family upbringing, physical health, gender, socioeconomic status and race.
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The Impact of Geography on the Impoverished

While the rich are living longer regardless of where they live, the same can't be said for the poor, according to a new study the NYT reported on earlier this month.
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Accountable Health Communities: Track 1 Awareness

Last week, the Healthify Editorial discussed implementing the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) model. The AHC model is premised on finding the answers to three large questions around social determinants. Track 1 Awareness, the model we are examining today, awards $1 million over five years to answer the following question: "Will increasing beneficiary awareness of available community services through information dissemination and referral impact total health care costs, inpatient and outpatient health care utilization, and health and quality of care?"

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Promoting an Able-bodied NYC at LiveOn NY

When I was a graduate student at Columbia School of Social Work, one of my favorite classes was Advanced Program Planning. While I enjoyed both the professor and the course content, the most fascinating aspect of the class was the rich conversation and dialogue that emerged from students, all of whom had varied passions within the realm of social work. We were a social work variety pack, working doggedly in field placements across every imaginable setting — schools, clinics, hospitals, prisons, law firms — united in common purpose to improve the quality of life for the people we helped.

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Which County in New York is the Unhealthiest?

The Bronx was recently named the least healthy county in New York for the seventh year in a row, Crain's reported. The ranking comes from an annual county health rankings list published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. 
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Implementing CMMI's Accountable Health Communities Model

With the deadline to submit applications for the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) model just over a month away, Healthify is examining the needs of the various tracks in the CMS AHC model. This is a follow-up to our article on "Build Versus Buy." In that previous post we examined how building versus buying software played out within the context of the AHC model. 

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Why I Joined Healthify and How You Can Too

My education was saturated in the social sciences. I studied Sociology as an undergraduate student focusing primarily on identity systems (gender, race, sexuality). At the end of my studies, I had come to the conclusion that the world is filled with social structures that provide both very important purposes as well as very damaging effects on the world. Instead of pursuing a research position, which is the usual course of action for a Sociology graduate, I wanted to do something practical in helping solve some of the numerous social problems we face. I decided to go to school to be a social worker.

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