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Audrey Swanenberg

Audrey Swanenberg

Audrey Swanenberg studied Sociology and Environmental Studies at Johns Hopkins University. At Hopkins, Audrey worked for hunger relief and environmental justice organizations. She has been an environmental conservation consultant for NOAA and U.S. Fish and Wildlife. She currently serves as the General Manager of Chesapeake Farm to Table, a network of 25 small-scale farms in Chesapeake that sell to restaurants in Baltimore.

Recent Posts by Audrey Swanenberg:

The Trump FMSA: Implications for Food Safety

Are you an American who eats food? When you sit down to a meal, do you ever worry that your food is contaminated?

Topics: public health food public policy

Presidential Policy Series: Environmental Health

History of Environmental Health in the United States

Environmental health is a component of public health that examines how the natural and built environments affect human health.

Topics: public policy environmental health election 2016

The Presidential Policy Series: Women's Reproductive Health

Sex has been a major talking point for this presidential race, from the unprecedented situation of the first female candidate from either major party running for President to the numerous accusations regarding Donald Trump's treatment of women. But how do the candidates differ on issues related to women's reproductive health? Women’s reproductive health has historically been a particularly divisive issue between the Democrats and Republicans.

Topics: public policy election 2016

The Presidential Policy Series: Mental Health

This election cycle has been anything but typical. However, this election cycle unfortunately follows the norm of past elections that discussing mental health issues in the United States is not a central election issue. With approximately 60% percent of adults and nearly 50% of youth not receiving mental health services in the past year, our country is not supporting a critical component of patient health  (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

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Healthier Eating for Low-Income Families: Innovative Models Succeed

Summer is a time of abundance for farmers of fresh fruits and vegetables! Yet many low-income and food insecure individuals have diets more likely to contain potato chips than carrots. We know these kinds of “junk food” diets make these individuals vulnerable to obesity and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. What are the barriers to sharing the healthy harvest to a wider circle of individuals from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds?

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