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Eric Allen Conner

Eric Allen Conner

Eric is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and co-founder of Healthify. At Healthify, he serves as the Chief Revenue Officer — managing sales and marketing operations. Eric works with healthcare companies to help them use Healthify in an effective manner that allows staff to track Medicaid beneficiaries' social and behavioral health needs and connect them with the appropriate community services for care. Before co-founding Healthify, he did community health work in east Baltimore.

Recent Posts by Eric Allen Conner:

Healthify Raises $6.5 Million to Transform How Health Care Addresses Social Needs

Investment, led by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, will accelerate team growth, enhance new coordination product line, and support national expansion.

Topics: Healthify Social Determinants of Health

Providing End-of-Life Palliative Care for the Homeless

A significant gap in the health care system for one of the most vulnerable patient populations may be slowly closing. Thanks to innovative new programs, increased numbers of homeless men and women fighting fatal illnesses and chronic conditions are receiving the palliative and respite care they so desperately need. 

With many seriously ill homeless patients seeking care only when in dire need, these vital programs work to improve quality of life, preserve the dignity of the patients, and help to better utilize already stretched health care resources.

Topics: Healthify Social Determinants of Health Coordinate Care Vulnerable populations Homeless Palliative care

Convenient Healthcare: Meet People Where They Are

With the rise of consumerism among patients in healthcare, many providers are expanding operations to improve patient satisfaction. But for many vulnerable populations, convenient healthcare is not a commodity—it’s a necessity.

Topics: Healthcare Delivery Health Disparities

Under-Addressed and Overlooked: The Mental Health Issue

When you think of the costliest chronic health conditions, diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease come to mind. However, topping the list is a disease that unfortunately has long had a stigma associated with it—mental disorders.

Topics: Healthcare Delivery Social Determinants of Health Mental Health

A Holiday Gift: Less Stress

While many eagerly anticipate the winter holidays, others dread the season as it brings more stress than joy.

Topics: Social Determinants of Health Mental Health

Preserving Culture in Population Health Strategies

If health systems, payers, and providers aim to positively impact social determinants of health, it is imperative they recognize the cultural differences in caring for minority populations. Nationwide, people of color represent 38% of all Americans, and yet these groups are overrepresented in the low-income and underinsured populations.

Topics: Social Determinants of Health Health Disparities Population Health

Alleviating the Adverse Effects of Childhood Trauma

It’s often said that adversity builds character. But the impact of significant adversity walks a fine line, particularly among children. When children face hardships, such as the death of a loved one, violence in their household or even divorce, their growth and development can be disrupted.

Topics: Childhood Development

Four Steps to Warming up for Winter’s Challenges to Continued Care

Even with the official start of winter still a month away, for many parts of the country, cold weather has set in, and snow has begun to fall. A challenging, and often long season for many, winter can be a particularly difficult and dangerous time for the most vulnerable populations as they seek out basic needs and care.

Topics: Social Determinants of Health Housing

Leveraging Population Health to go Beyond Diabetes Awareness

It’s November, which means it’s not only time to celebrate Thanksgiving but also diabetes awareness. The yearly observance of Diabetes Awareness Month provides a chance to shed light on one of our nation’s most prevalent chronic diseases. While the focus for the month has largely been to bring attention to how to live healthy with diabetes, now more than ever, it should also draw awareness on how a population health approach can reduce its impact.

Topics: Social Determinants of Health Food Diabetes

The Presidential Policy Series: Disability Rights

The Presidential Policy Series covers where the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, respectively, stand on healthcare policy issues.

Although it seems like our country’s two main political parties are as polarized as can possibly be, there actually has been a few health issues that both Republicans and Democrats have historically agreed on. Disability rights have traditionally been one such example.

Topics: Healthcare Policy Public Policy Disabilities