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Lucas Griffin

Lucas Griffin

Luke leads initiatives around service design, community partnerships, and care coordination at Healthify. With a background in social work and digital health operations, he works to reshape the systems that provide care for people in need.

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Positioning Social Service Providers as Leaders in the Future of Health

Compared to other wealthy countries, the United States has some unusual healthcare spending habits. Other developed nations like Germany, France, and the UK spend nearly twice as much on social services as they do on healthcare but in the United States, we spend almost twice as much on healthcare as we do on social services. However, there’s a growing consensus that social and behavioral factors determine over 60% of health outcomes and are better understood as intersectional health issues. There’s also significant evidence that shows that higher spending on social services addresses health outcomes more effectively than investing in healthcare alone. It’s clear that our priorities are misplaced.

Topics: social determinants of health community-based organizations care coordination