Customer Success vs. Customer Service


On the surface, customer success sounds like an Office Space-esque platitude destined for a Dilbert cartoon, but at Healthify we know that our success is tied to the success of our customers. Every stand-up and iteration and product roadmap meeting is grounded in understanding who it is we're trying to help.

It seems obvious that a company should strive to build software that makes our customers more successful; with a lot of healthcare IT, however, that doesn't seem to be the case. Every healthcare company has a vendor horror story. This is one of the many ways we constantly work to differentiate ourselves from traditional healthcare IT providers.

Focusing on customer success is the number one problem most companies struggle to deal with. Any candidate who wants to work in Healthify will have to take an approach in line with Steve Blank's often-espoused suggestion for getting out of the building. This is part of the reason we're talking about "customer success" and not "customer service." Customer service is waiting for the customer to make a request; it's reactionary. At Healthify, we are proactive. We want to reach out to them first.

This is why the Healthify team is hiring for a new Customer Success Specialist. We're looking for someone who is interested in finding ways to solve our customers' problems before they even know they have them! 

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