Partnership Insights: Healthify and Altruista Health Help Payers Address SDoH



Healthify's social determinants of health (SDoH) technology will be included in Altruista's GuidingCare® platform to support health plans in addressing social needs.

Yesterday, Healthify announced an exciting new partnership with Altruista Health. Beginning later this year, Healthify's platform will will be included in Altruista's care management platform, GuidingCare®—a large step forward in helping health plans realize positive patient outcomes by more effectively addressing social determinants of health (SDoH).

Together, Altruista and Healthify will implement an immersive integration using Healthify's APIs, making it easier than ever for health plans to identify social needs, identify and coordinate referrals among clinical providers and community resources, and track outcomes. The integration will launch in December 2020 with the release of the latest version of GuidingCare Version 8.14.

One seamless platform for driving patient outcomes

When technology hinders the quality of care delivered, it's the patients who suffer most—especially when it comes to vulnerable populations that lack access to social services, a critical component to overall health and well-being.

"Health plans rely on care management platforms to coordinate healthcare services for members. This is especially important for people who either have or are at risk of developing complex medical conditions. However, previous care management technologies have primarily focused on clinical care," said Manik Bhat, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Healthify.

That's where Altruista's trusted GuidingCare platform comes into play. "Integrating Healthify's technology into GuidingCare will enable care managers to identify, refer, confirm delivery, and track outcomes for the social services needs of their members and stay on the GuidingCare platform," said Craig Wigginton, Chief Technology Officer at Altruista Health.

"Many payers prefer to offer a unified technology platform access point and user experience to drive all care management workflows. Social determinants providers will continue to work in Healthify, and no one has to worry about mastering two different platforms."

Amplifying the importance of SDoH in patient care

Healthify's partnership with Altruista Health is just the latest step we've taken this year to realize our vision of incorporating SDoH into every facet of patient care.

In early August, we announced our partnership with the healthcare data science firm Algorex Health Technologies. The partnership strengthens our ability to offer both customers and partners alike the predictive SDoH analytics they need to gather SDoH insights and address social needs at scale. Earlier this summer, we also launched our partnership with Ride Health to provide safe, reliable transportation services to those in need. That means the estimated 3.6 million Americans who unable to obtain medical care due to transportation insecurity won't miss another doctor's appointment, screening, lab visit, or other medical service.

With each new partnership, Healthify continues to provide comprehensive solutions to move the needle on outcomes and costs. To learn more about our partnership with Alturista Health, see the full press release here.

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