Introducing Healthify's New CEO, Ben Slocum


Scaling Our Mission

Ben and Manik

Since 2014 we’ve had the great honor and privilege of connecting families to social services across the country and building the foundation of the emerging social determinants of health space. 

Now in 2020, the opportunity we have ahead of us is larger than it has ever been. We have a phenomenal team, capital to support growth, and an industry that is not only recognizing the importance of social needs but is also expanding rapidly to align to our vision of accountable networks of social services. 

As a mission-oriented leader and first-time founder, I recognized that the opportunity to scale a company to fundamentally change how social services are integrated into healthcare requires thoughtful execution, a respect for the type of skills needed to meet the responsibility of the task, and a strategic mindset around how to build the right executive team to grow.

After reflecting on these items over the past year, I decided to search for a partner to help support Healthify as we enter into a high-growth period. And after a long search process, I’m pleased to share that Ben Slocum has joined Healthify as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Ben is a perfect fit for Healthify. He not only brings domain expertise through his previous work as CEO at United Healthcare Northern California, CEO at Lovelace Health Plan, President of Vantage Cancer Care Network, and CEO of WebMD Health Services but also has the mission orientation that is the bedrock of our culture. Ben’s background in health plan operations, his experience scaling companies for growth, and his expertise in value-based healthcare complements what Healthify employees have built over the past six years. 

I will be taking on a new role - Founder and Chief Strategy Officer - and will focus on collaborating with our partners to solve important questions in the space related to ROI for social need interventions and sustainability for community partners. 

I’m incredibly excited to partner with Ben on our next stage of growth. Please join me in welcoming Ben to our journey to build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need!

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