Organizational Preparedness for SDoH Networks


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Across the country, health plans continue to focus on improving the quality of care and reducing associated costs by addressing the social determinants of health (SDoH). Meanwhile, health plans are also looking to collaborate with social service organizations to help increase their capacity to address SDoH outside the clinical setting. 

However, contractual relationships between health and social services are still in their infancy and require a careful look at the internal mechanisms in place to support an accountable network of social service organizations.

Our latest resource, the SDoH Network Readiness Discussion Guide, provides a framework to explore your organization’s ability to implement an accountable network of social service organizations to address the social needs of your member population. This guide includes:

  • A high-level summary on organizational readiness and its role in developing successful accountable networks of social service organizations
  • Discussion questions that cover varying milestones in organizational readiness with examples on how to answer them
  • Follow-up discussion questions to explore any milestones achieved so far, areas of improvement and potential next steps

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