Why We're Partnering With CareSource to Improve Health Outcomes in Ohio


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Thanks to Healthify's platform, CareSource members in Ohio will gain access to a wider range of services targeting SDoH in 2021

Social determinants of health (SDoH) are key social and economic factors that can affect health status and outcomes—so key, in fact, that they've been shown to impact as much as 60 percent of a person's overall health. And they're particularly relevant to the state of Ohio, where Healthify's latest partnership is set to roll out. There, correlations between income, education, access to care, and self-rated health have all been documented.

By partnering with CareSource—the largest Medicaid provider in Ohio—we think we can help change that.

Starting in 2021, powered by Healthify's platform, CareSource members in Ohio will be able to access a significantly wider range of services that specifically address SDoH. Those services include:

  • Education services
  • Emergency services
  • Financial assistance
  • Food services
  • Legal support
  • Social support
  • Transportation services
  • And more

It's worth noting that in one analysis of 5,035 social services received by vulnerable populations in a given year, the three most commonly reported involved transportation (14.5%), financial assistance (12.1%) and food services (11.8%). So, while the above list of expanded service offerings in Ohio is by no means comprehensive, it suggests the potential impact the partnership could make.

How the Partnership Works

Connected by Healthify's platform, CBOs will receive referrals electronically from CareSource. From there, they can accept or decline the referral, then follow up with relevant documentation, recommendations for further services or treatment — and more.

As a result, CareSource will not only be able to partner with Ohio-based CBOs more effectively, but also comprehensively track the services its members receive. Taken together, that should help support better health outcomes for all.

“Healthify is committed to helping vulnerable populations get the social services they need to live their best lives," said Manik Bhat, the founder of Healthify. “It’s great to partner with like-minded organizations like CareSource that are dedicated to helping members overcome social challenges that can get in the way of positive health outcomes.”

Like our partnerships with Twentyeight Health, Altruista and more, teaming up with CareSource is simply another way for us to bring that commitment to life.

Find Out More

Find out more information in the official press release about the partnership.

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