The Michigan Community Network: Where Social Services Meet Healthcare to Improve Patient Outcomes


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If a village can come together to raise a child, what can a state-wide community of care do to move the needle on social determinants of health?

That's the question on our minds at Healthify today as we launch our latest initiative: the Michigan Community Network. We're bringing together community-based organizations across Michigan to work with health plans like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan on one singular goal—to improve health outcomes and identify social disparities at the local level.

Amplifying care coordination to better address SDoH

Despite the fact that social determinants of health (SDoH) are critical drivers of more than 80 percent of health outcomes, there's still a lot of work to do to better incorporate these non-medical risks into the healthcare ecosystem. And we believe the key to this critical integration is to amplify the vital work community-based organizations (CBOs) are doing every day.

"Community-based organizations have an unparalleled knowledge of their local culture and needs, and there's an opportunity to strategically leverage their capabilities for the betterment of all Michiganders," said Cesar Herrera, Chief Solutions Officer at Healthify.

"We are welcoming social services providers across Michigan to join the state-wide network. We're bringing together social services providers across Michigan to join the state-wide Healthify network, which will connect residents with the critical resources they need to be healthy, active members of their local communities."

The network we're building in Michigan will motivate CBOs and health plans to work smarter, not harder, to achieve their common goal. That means setting the foundation for an integrated system of clinical and nonclinical care from two directions:

  • empowering community organizations that provide a range of services addressing the social determinants of health — food insecurity, lack of transportation, unemployment, inadequate housing, financial instability, and more — to forge the relationships they need with local counterparts to drive positive health outcomes
  • making Healthify's SDoH platform accessible to health plans and payers, so they can work together to coordinate nonclinical care for their members

As part of the Michigan Community Network, CBOs will benefit from stronger collaboration with healthcare organizations, an increased ability to measure and gauge their services’ impact, and streamlined care coordination.

Join the network now

Get to know more about the Michigan Community Network. And if you're part of a social service organization interested in joining the network, please submit an interest form here!

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