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The Team That's Got Your Back

A few weeks ago, the Healthify team announced that we were looking to hire a new software developer to work on the application and an additional social worker for resource and community support. Meet the two new members of the team who've got your back on solving the social determinants crisis in healthcare:

Shelby Switzer 

Shelby Switzer 1

Software engineer, public speaker, and veteran nomad, Shelby has dedicated herself to community work and civic software development projects across four continents. She is a proponent of the vast potential of APIs, shared semantics, and tech for social good.

When asked about what she'd be working on in her first three months, she responded, "More referral and coordination features plus some integration work!"

Sarah Clore 


As a social worker with ten years of experience working at the intersection of education and mental health, Sarah believes in the transformative power of accessible, holistic client care. Sarah aims to empower clinicians and patients alike through her work managing the Healthify CBO network.

Sarah said her first three months would be spent "building some new state databases, conducting a new CBO outreach campaign, and starting a speaking series on these important issues." 

Give a big welcome to Healthify's newest team members!

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