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Election 2016’s Public Health Winners

Donald J. Trump wasn’t the only big winner of the November 8th election. The tenuous future of science and medicine, the Affordable Care Act, and women’s reproductive rights aside, public health made some big gains last week, as Americans voted for measures that will significantly affect the social determinants of health in their communities. Let’s take a look at some of these victories.

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Today: Vote Your Way to Happiness

Stressed out by this year’s election? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Therapy appointments actually increase during election years. And given the media circus surrounding the 2016 race, our nation’s mental health professionals have their work cut out for them.

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Presidential Policy Series: Environmental Health

History of Environmental Health in the United States

Environmental health is a component of public health that examines how the natural and built environments affect human health.

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Presidential Policy Series: Housing

Are you a city dweller who spends more than half your income on rent? Do you struggle to find affordable, equitable housing options? Is your town slowly being eaten away by blight? If so, housing is likely an important issue to you in this presidential campaign.

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The Presidential Policy Series: Women's Reproductive Health

Sex has been a major talking point for this presidential race, from the unprecedented situation of the first female candidate from either major party running for President to the numerous accusations regarding Donald Trump's treatment of women. But how do the candidates differ on issues related to women's reproductive health? Women’s reproductive health has historically been a particularly divisive issue between the Democrats and Republicans.

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The Presidential Policy Series: HIV/AIDS

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected the lives of millions of Americans over the last thirty years. Since the start of the epidemic in the 1980s more than 575,000 Americans have died of AIDS, and more than 56,000 people are infected with HIV each year. Over a million people are currently living with HIV in the United States. Despite the steadily climbing death toll over the last three decades, the U.S. didn’t have a comprehensive strategy to combat HIV/AIDS until 2010. The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) launched on July 13, 2010, with the goal of reducing new HIV infections, increasing access to care, improving health outcomes for people suffering from HIV, and reducing HIV-related health disparities.

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The Presidential Policy Series: Mental Health

This election cycle has been anything but typical. However, this election cycle unfortunately follows the norm of past elections that discussing mental health issues in the United States is not a central election issue. With approximately 60% percent of adults and nearly 50% of youth not receiving mental health services in the past year, our country is not supporting a critical component of patient health  (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

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The Presidential Policy Series: Combatting Drug Abuse

In Healthify Insights: The Presidential Policy Series, we will explore where the Democratic and Republican nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on a variety of healthcare policy issues. In this second post, we examine how the presidential nominees plan to address our country’s largest healthcare epidemic—addiction.

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The Presidential Policy Series: Affordable Care Act

In less than 18 months, the field of candidates vying to win the 2016 presidential election has narrowed from over two dozen contenders to two major opponents. Now, with fewer than two months before Election Day on November 8th (remember to vote!), we’re exploring the Republican and Democratic candidates’ positions on healthcare policy.

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