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Convenient Healthcare: Meet People Where They Are

With the rise of consumerism among patients in healthcare, many providers are expanding operations to improve patient satisfaction. But for many vulnerable populations, convenient healthcare is not a commodity—it’s a necessity.

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Under-Addressed and Overlooked: The Mental Health Issue

When you think of the costliest chronic health conditions, diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease come to mind. However, topping the list is a disease that unfortunately has long had a stigma associated with it—mental disorders.

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Overcoming Barriers to Healthcare for the Transgender Community

The health challenges facing the transgender population are some of the steepest and most difficult for any population subset in the United States today. Across the board, a transgender person is at greater risk than the national average for drug and alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and heart disease. Compounding the problem are the community’s significant barriers to regular healthcare and gaps in coverage.

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Integrating Social Determinants into Redesigned Care

Teaching Medical Students about the Social Determinants of Health Improves Patient Care

When a patient comes seeking care, typically providers identify symptoms, diagnose, treat, and send the patient on their way with a care plan. But what happens when the patient returns presenting the provider with the exact same issue from the first visit? Are these patients treated exactly the same way again and simply deemed noncompliant?

Today, many teaching hospitals and medical schools are advocating a different approach. They are training residents and medical students on the social determinants of health. Instead of following the traditional model where physicians focus on the presenting illness, diagnosis, and treatment, they are asking these new physicians to identify the social circumstances or behavioral health conditions that are at the root of health issues.

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Treating Housing as Part of a Patient's Health

How Stable Housing Impacts Health

NPR recently put a spotlight on the University of Illinois Hospital's money-saving initiative to provide housing to frequent emergency room users. Those types of patients, who are often called "superutilizers" in the medical world, are people with a mix of chronic medical problems, mental health issues and homelessness that drive them to visit the hospital far more than the average patient, NPR reported.
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Trouble Sleeping? Racing Thoughts? These May be Signs of Mental Illness

Assessing Symptoms of Mental Health 

Mental Health America, a nationwide, community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting the overall mental health of all Americans, has developed helpful screening tools to assist you, your family, your friends, and your clients in quickly determining your current mental health status.

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Meet Wyckoff's MICHC Team

Did you know, in New York State:

  • Over 30% of births do not have early (1st trimester) prenatal care? 
  • 14% of births are to women aged 25 years and older without a high school education?
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Community Health Workers Becoming More Common at Hospitals

Though the American Hospital Association doesn't keep track of how many hospitals have launched community health worker programs, an official with the group recently said it's becoming "much more common," Kaiser Health News reported.
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Five Dimensions of Poverty

The simplest definition of poverty is having little or no money, but a new report by The Brookings Institution examines the problem beyond the metric of income.
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Accountable Health Communities: Track 3 Alignment

Next week — May 18 — is the deadline for bridge organizations to submit their applications to CMS for the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) model. For the past few weeks, Healthify has been reviewing how software can support the goals of Track 1 Awareness and Track 2 Assistance. Today we review Track 3 Alignment — the largest and most complex of the three interventions proposed by CMS. Track 3 is a $4.5 million grant that will be awarded to 20 bridge organizations to answer the following question: Will a combination of community service navigation and partner alignment at the community level improve total health care costs and inpatient and outpatient health care utilization?

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