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Meet Wyckoff's MICHC Team

Did you know, in New York State:

  • Over 30% of births do not have early (1st trimester) prenatal care? 
  • 14% of births are to women aged 25 years and older without a high school education?
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RWJF Social Determinants Learning Report

Social determinants, as readers of this Editorial know, are those everyday factors like housing, food, and employment that influence our health and health outcomes. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has been a leading source of information on the high cost we pay as a society when we leave social determinants unmanaged and unaddressed. To that end, RWJF has collected enormous amounts of data and consistently presented research showing why this is one of the most important issues facing American health care.

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Healthify Presents at Health 2.0 Pittsburgh

 Watch Eric Conner present Healthify  and discuss social determinants of health at Health 2.0 Pittsburgh hosted by Jewish Healthcare Foundation in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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Take 20 Minutes for Yourself

As social workers, our ability to take care of ourselves is paramount to being able to take care of others. That’s why Healthify created the Community Care Network. It’s a place for social workers, case managers, and social service professionals to form a web of support for each other. Find out more about how you can join, contribute, and connect. And, while you’re taking time for yourself, why not take a look at this inspiring TED Talk from Guy Winch, on practicing Emotional First Aid.

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Healthify Raises $2.5 Million to Improve Community Health

Healthify, whose mission is to change the way healthcare addresses community health, today announced the close of a $2.5 million seed round led by a syndicate of investors including Primary Venture Partners (PVP), Milestone Venture Partners (MVP), Acumen, Kapor Capital, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Healthify works with managed care organizations and healthcare providers to better connect patients with community services to resolve unmet social needs. The company already provides services in 24 states and raised the money to expand its coordination feature set into a nationwide network of insurers, healthcare providers, and community agencies.  

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Customer Success vs. Customer Service

On the surface, customer success sounds like an Office Space-esque platitude destined for a Dilbert cartoon, but at Healthify we know that our success is tied to the success of our customers. Every stand-up and iteration and product roadmap meeting is grounded in understanding who it is we're trying to help.

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Implementing CMMI's Accountable Health Communities Model

With the deadline to submit applications for the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) model just over a month away, Healthify is examining the needs of the various tracks in the CMS AHC model. This is a follow-up to our article on "Build Versus Buy." In that previous post we examined how building versus buying software played out within the context of the AHC model. 

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Why I Joined Healthify and How You Can Too

My education was saturated in the social sciences. I studied Sociology as an undergraduate student focusing primarily on identity systems (gender, race, sexuality). At the end of my studies, I had come to the conclusion that the world is filled with social structures that provide both very important purposes as well as very damaging effects on the world. Instead of pursuing a research position, which is the usual course of action for a Sociology graduate, I wanted to do something practical in helping solve some of the numerous social problems we face. I decided to go to school to be a social worker.

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Addressing Social Determinants: Video from the Medi CRC


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