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Four Steps to Warming up for Winter’s Challenges to Continued Care

Even with the official start of winter still a month away, for many parts of the country, cold weather has set in, and snow has begun to fall. A challenging, and often long season for many, winter can be a particularly difficult and dangerous time for the most vulnerable populations as they seek out basic needs and care.

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Presidential Policy Series: Housing

Are you a city dweller who spends more than half your income on rent? Do you struggle to find affordable, equitable housing options? Is your town slowly being eaten away by blight? If so, housing is likely an important issue to you in this presidential campaign.

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From Homeless to Haven

Without a home, where would you seek shelter from bad weather? Where would you sleep? Where would you bathe and eat? Where would you go for safety? We take for granted the many benefits of living in a home.

Without permanent shelter, many homeless individuals find themselves turning to hospitals to fulfill their basic needs. With the financial challenges facing our health system already, caring for the homeless is an additional burden it struggles to address.

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Treating Housing as Part of a Patient's Health

How Stable Housing Impacts Health

NPR recently put a spotlight on the University of Illinois Hospital's money-saving initiative to provide housing to frequent emergency room users. Those types of patients, who are often called "superutilizers" in the medical world, are people with a mix of chronic medical problems, mental health issues and homelessness that drive them to visit the hospital far more than the average patient, NPR reported.
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