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An ROI Framework for the Social Determinants of Health

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Sustaining SDoH investments requires demonstrable improvements in health outcomes and a reduction in costs of care. But identifying the ROI of SDoH interventions remains a significant challenge. How can payors measure the effectiveness of SDoH interventions?

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Recap: From Ideation to Intelligent Investments in SDoH Interventions

Algorex and Healthify discuss leveraging predictive analytics and community-level data to inform SDoH interventions

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted an acute struggle for community-based organizations (CBOs). The capacity to deliver social services is low, while the demand for services is increasing. Given the current fragility of CBOs, it’s now a necessity for health plans to rework reimbursement models to build sustainable social determinants of health (SDoH) interventions with their community partners.

Predictive analytics can help build that sustainability, according to Manik Bhat, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Healthify. Joined by Jacob Luria, Managing Partner at Algorex Healthcare Technologies, Healthify recently hosted a webinar to inform health plans on how to use data to build scalable SDoH intervention strategies.

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