Partnership Insights: Using SDoH Analytics to Address Social Disparities



Healthify, Algorex Health, and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield tap into social determinants of health (SDoH) analytics to address social disparities.

Announced early this year, Healthify's partnership with Algorex Health Technologies marked a new chapter in our mission to build a world where no one's health is hindered by their need. By joining forces, Healthify and Algorex Health offer SDoH predictive analytics to help payers and providers better understand and address social needs.

And now, thanks to a recent collaboration with Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), it's become more evident than ever that SDoH data holds the key to transforming healthcare delivery.

Last week, we announced the results of a SDoH population analysis of 1.5 million Excellus BCBS members across upstate New York. That analysis both identified high-risk members and showcased the value of implementing SDoH initiatives. By identifying members who are struggling with unstable housing, food insecurity, and neighborhood stress, Excellus BCBS developed a highly targeted SDoH strategy that will enable them to focus on individual members with the most needs. 

Supporting happier, healthier lives in the community

Healthify and Algorex Health's analytics tool provided Excellus BCBS with deep insights into how SDoH affects healthcare quality and cost. Specifically, the data showed significant social needs among members in Medicaid and other government-sponsored programs—as well as the value of addressing the most prominent social needs of these members.

"Our mission is to engage with our members to support them living happier and healthier lives," said Aaron Bertram, vice president of SafetyNet for Excellus BCBS. "We know our members have increasing non-clinical needs that are impacting their health. This analysis enabled us to better understand the social needs of the members we serve, as well as identify programming and resources best equipped to address barriers to care, which will hopefully result in preventing the evolution of more serious health conditions."

Proof that patient care hinges on SDoH 

Since our founding, Healthify has driven collaboration among community-based organizations, healthcare payers, providers, and policymakers to address social disparities. But as with any strategic initiative in the healthcare space, high-level data—and lots of it—is needed to connect the dots. That's what makes our partnership with Algorex Health Technologies so critical. Together, we can empower health plans and providers with the data required to pinpoint social needs in their communities and proactively address those needs amongst member and patient populations.

"SDoH analytics are critical for health plans that are implementing SDoH solutions," said Manik Bhat, founder and CEO of Healthify. "Analytics helps health plans build financial cases to solve for SDoH, prioritize highest-impact interventions in an accountable network, and determine the right level of investment for SDoH initiatives."

Now, armed with insights from their population analysis, Excellus BCBS is ready to help its members live healthier and more secure lives through access to high-quality, affordable healthcare solutions tailored to their communities' specific social needs. To learn more about our work with Excellus BCBS and Algorex Health Technologies, see the full press release here.

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