Why I Joined Healthify and How You Can Too


My education was saturated in the social sciences. I studied Sociology as an undergraduate student focusing primarily on identity systems (gender, race, sexuality). At the end of my studies, I had come to the conclusion that the world is filled with social structures that provide both very important purposes as well as very damaging effects on the world. Instead of pursuing a research position, which is the usual course of action for a Sociology graduate, I wanted to do something practical in helping solve some of the numerous social problems we face. I decided to go to school to be a social worker.

Although my studies in graduate school were focused on clinical work, I found myself gravitating back to more social advocacy and activism-based work. I ended up working as a case manager for LGBTQ mental health patients. I loved serving my community and got to work with some amazing people — patients and staff alike. I knew there was more to be done to connect people to community resources though. I joined Healthify to do just that.

When I started social work school, I never thought I'd be working at a startup. I never thought technology would be such a helpful avenue for causing social change. I also never thought data would make me this enthused and passionate. It turns out that reliable and accessible information does create tremendous social change. Access to resources, sometimes right in one's neighborhood, is surprisingly difficult and we want to put an end to the gap. To do this, we need to provide highly accurate and reliable resource information to our users. We need to have fantastic community data.

My team knows all too well how excited I am to say that we are ramping up our data operations here at Healthify in order to do just that. We are looking for a Community Data Specialist to help us provide reliable and detailed data on community resources across the country. If you are as excited as I am about making sure people can access clear information to get the help they need, then we'd love to hear from you. 

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