A Letter to Social Work in 2016


2015 is coming to an end. For me it has been a year of big changes. Earlier this year I decided to leave a community clinic that meant a lot to me. The biggest reason for leaving was my dissatisfaction with the way case management operates at a systemic level. I've previously written about how antiquated case management systems are ("Social Work and Tech") so I won't belabor the point. For my last post this year, however, I want to share the other side of that story: the excitement I feel around a new way to address the social needs of our patients.

We place a high value on keeping talented, experienced, and innovative social workers at Healthify. We know we need people directly from the field on our team if we want to encourage systemic change and improve our clients' workflow for managing social determinants. The Healthify team knows that we cannot meet the needs of others without getting their input. Krishna Kulkarni, Healthify's lead developer, maintains, "We cannot rely too much on our own opinion." I really appreciate this sentiment, and it shines through at Healthify. Unlike other healthcare startups dominates solely by engineers, Healthify works to build the best service for social workers by actively working with social workers

When I made the decision to leave my old job, I knew I wanted to work in an environment where I could take a new approach to change the system. I was deeply excited when I found Healthify. I told all my friends about Healthify's patform. A light bulb went off for many, wondering why this technology didn't already exist. 

I know my passion is shared by my fellow social workers. We began hiring for a new community outreach position here at Healthify and in under two weeks we received 160 applications! Experienced, passionate, and excited social workers who were looking to work here shared our desire build something new for healthcare professionals whose input is too often overlooked by other healthcare IT platforms. By changing the technology landscape in case management, we are shaking up the system around social needs.

So here's to 2016. Here's to creating excitement and inspiring innovation in the field. Here's to shaking up the system and changing the politics around social needs. Here's to empowering communities in need to take agency over their needs. Keep an eye out in 2016 for our upcoming network of community based organizations. And keep giving us your input!

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