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Healthify Search

Healthify Search is essential in finding community organizations, social services, and government benefits. This is the core service that advanced and premium products such as Track and Coordinate rely on. Users can search, filter, and refer using this tool.

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Healthify Track

Healthify Track allows care teams to do just that. With Track, teams can track referrals made for individuals and deploy integrating screening tools to assess for social needs.  This allows care teams to fully understand the social determinants in a population and match people to the best services.

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Healthify Coordinate

Healthify Coordinate goes one step further in the referral process. With Coordinate, organizations can “close-the-loop” in a network comprised of key partners.   Our Partnership Services team will work your organization to build a network of community based organizations and then deploy a product to coordinate referrals electronically.

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Healthify Measure

Data is essential to seeing the important role social determinants play in patients' lives. Healthify Measure allows users to see trends in community needs. Given this data, it's easy to see what the most common needs and service gaps are in any community. All Healthify platforms have access to dashboard analytics.

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Integration Services

Healthify offers professional integration services to make for a seamless user experience. We use SAML for a Single Sign On and expose a number of APIs for more advanced integrations to help reduce the user fatigue associated with operating multiple software systems.

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Maintenance, Support, and Upgrades

Maintenance: Healthify provides continuous technical support for all its products. The Healthify Resource Network Team is responsible for keeping the database for Healthify Search up-to-date so accurate information on listed services is always returned in search results. As part of that process, Healthify uses a combination of high-tech and high-touch interventions to ensure resource listings are always accurate, including calling resources directly to verify information.

Support: In the application itself, users have a direct line of communication to the Healthify Customer Success Team through the Intercom button on the bottom right-hand corner of the application. 

Upgrades: Users of the Healthify Platform are always operating the lastest version. Healthify is continuously deployed and works with all modern web-browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 or higher, and Safari.