Enterprise Licensing Solutions

Social determinants impact many types of organizations. We will work with you to determine an appropriate pricing model for your needs. Below are some of our options:

  • User Licensing: For healthcare entities with large case management and community health work staff that are looking for a tool to help find services and manage clients' referrals, we can work with you to extend acces to our SaaS platform to your staff. Depending on the size and breadth of the deployment, costs can vary and unit costs are cheaper at scale beyond 50 users.

  • Per Member Per Month: Healthify works with large risk bearing organizations like Medicaid MCO's that typically find enterprise-wide level licensing to be most effective when calculated at a per member per month rate. We will work with you to determine a PMPM rate depending on which enterprise level features like assessments, member access, referral tracking, and eReferrals to close the loop need to be scaled. 


What our users say about our platform:

I used Healthify for the first time today and it lead to a successful resource for someone in need. Thank you all!!

Alfonso D, CHW

It's a wonderful resource and I had no idea there were so many places in Baltimore providing these services. 

Mary L., Johns Hopkins Healthcare

Healthify has been helpful for our agency. We have referred a client to a different agency to get the support they need.

Sara R., Project Connect