The Impact of Cross-Sector Collaboration on Health Outcomes

The ROI associated with Addressing Social Determinants of Health. Case Study: Reading Hospital

Highlights from the case study include:

- How Reading Hospital leveraged relationships with social service organizations in Berks County to address the social needs of Medicare and Medicaid populations

- How Reading Hospital partnered with Healthify to enable coordination and data sharing between clinical and nonclinical partners 

- The estimated costs savings as a result of the partnership with Healthify and social service organizations in Berks County

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Healthify Resources

Convening and Mobilizing Community Partners to Improve Health Outcomes

How can a community come together to achieve collective impact and sustained change? What do local organizations need to participate in multi-sectoral partnerships? We set out to answer those questions during the inaugural Gen-H Innovation Series.

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Incentivizing Collaboration Between Healthcare Organizations & Community-based Organizations

In the United States, HCOs are grappling with rising costs and the industry-wide shift from fee-for-service to value-based care. And as the healthcare industry continues to change rapidly, HCOs realize that to reduce the costs associated with care and improve health outcomes for patients, engaging with CBOs is critical. Working together may offer solutions around achieving population health goals.

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SDoH Network Readiness Discussion Guide

Addressing the social determinants of health (SDoH) requires a cross-sector approach but to ensure the success of cross-sector SDoH partnerships, healthcare organizations must carefully evaluate the internal mechanisms in place to support their success.

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SDoH Strategy, Programs, & Infrastructure: The 3 Keys to Building a Network of Community-based Organizations

This free guide explores best practices for cross-sector partnerships and the key components needed to build a network of community-based organizations.

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Overcoming Obstacles: Challenges & Solutions for Providers Addressing SDoH

For providers, shifting to value-based care can come with many challenges. The high-level solutions in this resource will empower organizations to address the social determinants of health within their community. By addressing the social determinants of health, providers are well-positioned to reduce avoidable readmissions and improve health outcomes.

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The Impact of SDoH on Health Plans: Legacy Challenges and Solutions to Overcome Them

Healthify examines the fundamental challenges health plans face when addressing the social determinants of health and solutions to overcome those barriers.

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Case Study
The Impact of Cross-Sector Collaboration on Health Outcomes

How Reading Hospital Reduced the Costs of Unnecessary ED Visits by $1 Million*

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