End to end solutions to address the social determinants of health

Closing the loop on referrals for social services requires more than just technology.

Without the infrastructure in place to ensure accountability in the delivery of social services, members fall through the cracks. At WellSky, we build the infrastructure to support end-to-end care coordination across our networks of healthcare and community-based organizations.

With an accountable, social service network, supported by our intuitive platform, your organization is empowered to address the social determinants of health in your community.



Access to formal partnerships with community-based organizations

Partnerships between healthcare and community-based organizations can be unfamiliar, and we understand that simply making a referral often does not guarantee that clients receive services. That’s why we work directly with community-based organizations to develop and formalize contracts that ensure accountability across the network. By formalizing relationships between network partners, we can guarantee that the referral loop is closed.


Curated relationships tailored to community-specific social needs

We also understand that your community faces a unique set of social needs. To help cut through the noise, we work directly with your organization to develop geo-targeted and intervention-focused relationships with carefully selected community-based organizations. Informed by your organization’s strategic goals, stringent contracts are designed with your community’s social needs in mind, and network partners are vetted on distinct factors, including capacity, service quality, organizational readiness, and more.



Search for validated and curated resources

Scattered and outdated resource information creates inefficiencies in finding and connecting clients to vital resources. With our carefully vetted and curated database of over 420,000 resources nationwide, referring clients to resources becomes a streamlined process. Our comprehensive resource classifications make it easy to search for and identify resources that address social needs.


Coordinate and track bidirectional referrals across the network

Conflicting referral workflows are a roadblock for many healthcare and community-based organizations working together to coordinate care for at-risk communities. Our referral management capabilities improve operational efficiency by allowing bidirectional referrals between partners in the network. Clinical and nonclinical organizations can send and receive referrals, and track the status of those referrals throughout the care continuum - all within the WellSky platform or your EHR.


Track and measure the impact of SDoH interventions

Gaps and inconsistencies in data can make it difficult to understand the impact of SDoH interventions on health outcomes. With our robust reporting suite, your organization and network partners can track SDoH trends across your community and measure the impact of interventions. We offer standard reports that include screenings, searches, referral outcomes, and more, as well as customized reports with additional performance indicators.


Augment current workflows with platform integrations

Using multiple platforms to coordinate care can be disruptive to current organizational workflows and systems, which is why we prioritize platform interoperability. To augment existing workflows and create a seamless user experience, we offer preeminent integration services. From extensive discovery to development and launch, we support HL7 and API integrations into a variety of healthcare and business intelligence systems.